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Dec 9 - 15


Devotion movie playing in High River

Genre: Action/Drama
Running Time: 139min
Rating: PG
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Dec 9 - 15

Black Panther:
Wakanda Forever

Black Panther: Wakanda Forever movie playing in High River

Genre: Action and Adventure / Drama
Running Time: 161min
Rating: PG
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  • Empire of Light

    "Empire of Light" is a grandiose title for Sam Mendes' intimate new character drama, which starts out a bit dim and unfocused and becomes sharper and more illuminating...

  • The Whale

    "The Whale" is an abhorrent film, but it also features excellent performances.

    It gawks at the grotesquerie of its central figure beneath the guise of sentimentality, but it...

  • Spoiler Alert

    A common complaint about LGBTQ+ movies from LGBTQ+ people is that they always end tragically. The new dramedy "Spoiler Alert" doesn't break this mold, but given that it's...

  • Something from Tiffany's

    Tiffany's is known for its classic, timeless jewelry. You see that little teal box, and you know to expect something elegant and thoughtfully crafted out of the best materials....

  • Loudmouth

    In 1973, R&B legend James Brown appears on “Soul Train,” and host Don Cornelius asks him for his advice to young people. Brown tells them to...

  • Christmas Bloody Christmas

    It doesn’t matter why or how it happened, but somehow, the military-industrial complex created a killer robot Santa. That’s how “Christmas Bloody Christmas” starts, with a “RoboCop”-style montage...

  • I Am D.B. Cooper

    "I Am D.B. Cooper" opens in 1974 with a shot of a raggedy-looking guy with two black eyes hoovering a white powder up his nose in the back seat...

  • The Mean One

    This Christmas has been a generous season for Yuletide horror, but in a Hallmark Channel programming, quantity-over-quality way. Last week saw a box office success from Tommy Wirkola's killer...

  • The Treasure of His Youth: The Photographs of Paolo Di Paolo

    About 20 years ago, a young woman named Silvia di Paolo was digging around in the basement of her family’s home for skis when she stumbled upon a...

  • The Sparring Partner

    From 2013 through 2015, the mainland Chinese and Hong Kong tabloid press latched onto a story about a double homicide. Henry Cheung and his friend Angus Tse...

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