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June 15 - 21

Book Club

Book Club movie playing in High River

Running Time: 1hr 44min
Rating: PG
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June 22 - 28

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom

Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie playing in High River

Running Time: 2hrs 10min
Rating: PG
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  • Tag

    Thumb tag 2018 5

    It occurs to me, as I sit down to write this review, that perhaps I was the wrong person to be assigned this movie....

  • The Year of Spectacular Men

    Thumb spectac men

    A good-looking yet slim and meandering hybrid of a romantic comedy, family drama and coming-of-age story, “The Year of Spectacular Men” is most impressive with...

  • Set It Up

    Thumb set 3

    Set in the upper echelons of New York business, but focusing on a couple of overworked, stressed-out assistants, "Set it Up" is a rare romantic comedy...

  • The Yellow Birds

    Thumb yellow birds

    Some pulse-pounding battle scenes and strong work by two very appealing young actors, Alden Ehrenreich and Tye Sheridan, give the Iraq War drama...

  • Eating Animals

    Thumb eatinng animals 2018

    The documentary “Eating Animals” might make you think twice about grilling up some juicy burgers for a barbecue this summer or picking up an...

  • Gotti

    Thumb gotti 4

    My wife and I have been watching “American Crime Story: The People vs. OJ Simpson” (second time for me, first for her), and I’ve...

  • China Salesman

    Thumb china sales 2

    The ads for the emotionally draining mainland Chinese action snore-fest "China Salesman" make it seem like also-ran action star Steven Seagal and over-the-hill boxer Mike Tyson are the film's co-leads. In...

  • SuperFly

    Thumb superfly 2018

    Gordon Parks Jr.’s blaxploitation classic “Super Fly” is often considered the “Citizen Kane” of its genre. Philip Fenty‘s verbally sharp crime story script was...

  • Incredibles 2

    Thumb incredibles 3

    For years, Pixar focused on original films, ignoring the sequel trend so prevalent in children’s entertainment. Sure, there were two sequels to “Toy Story,”...

  • Alex Strangelove

    Thumb alex strangelove 2018

    If you enjoyed Netflix original movies such as “The Kissing Booth,” “Dude,” and “Candy Jar,” you’re more than prepared to like “Alex Strangelove.” 

    But if you...

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