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Mar 16 - 22

Black Panther

Black Panther movie playing in High River

Running Time: 2hrs 14min
Rating: PG
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  • Flower

    Thumb flowr 2018

    Juno plus Lolita equals "Flower," an indie drama about Erica (Zoey Deutch), a spunky-profane, sexually active, criminally ambitious 17-year old from the San Fernando...

  • Benji

    Thumb benji 2018

    There are few things more critic-proof than a cute puppy. The opening moments of Brandon Camp’s “Benji” stand as irrefutable evidence of this principle,...

  • Lean on Pete

    Thumb pete

    Andrew Haigh is the rare filmmaker that's more interested in presenting viewers with fully-realized characters—who feel like they existed before they came into frame and will...

  • Tomb Raider

    Thumb tomb raider 2018

    Based on the 2013 video game, and featuring Alicia Vikander as the latest incarnation of a character who's been around for 22 years, "Tomb...

  • Love, Simon

    Thumb love simon 2018

    "Love, Simon" is a mainstream-styled teenage rom-com that uses every cliche in the book. There's the nerdy Vice Principal, the bacchanalian high school party, supportive...

  • 7 Days in Entebbe

    Thumb entebbe 2018

    In June 1976, a group of self-proclaimed revolutionaries hijacked an Air France flight from Tel Aviv to Paris, boarding the plane during a stop in...

  • Journey's End

    Thumb journey end 2018

    An intelligent, meticulously crafted drama about British soldiers in the trenches of World War I, “Journey’s End” is the latest cinematic rendition of a...

  • Allure

    Thumb allure 2018

    Evan Rachel Wood has a predatory tiger in her tank as a teasing, twisted and tortured cleaning lady on the prowl in “Allure.” From...

  • Maineland

    Thumb maineland 2018

    Filmed over three years in the U.S. and China, Miao Wang’s “Maineland” follows two Chinese teens, Stella Zhu and Harry He, as they study...

  • Josie

    Thumb josie 2018

    “There’s all sorts of stories. Happy ones. Sad ones. Pathetic ones. Mine.” The speaker as this movie opens is Hank, played by Dylan McDermott,...

2D Nights
For patrons who have issues with the 3D technology, we've reserved the
Sunday & Wednesday night for shows in 2D
Sunday Matinee will still be in 3D

for that particular week

402-652-4844  24 hour movie hotline High River Wales Theatre


Daily              7:30pm

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Sunday         2:00pm

Doors open ½ hr. prior to the showtime

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