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August 12 - 18

Mrs. Harris goes to Paris

Mrs. Harris goes to Paris movie playing in High River

Genre: Drama
Running Time: 115min
Rating: PG
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August 19 - 25

Bullet Train

Bullet Train movie playing in High River

Genre: Action
Running Time: 126min
Rating: 14-A
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  • Emily the Criminal

    "You're a very bad influence." Who says this line, and why, and when, is a testament to the power of "Emily the Criminal," written and directed by

  • Day Shift

    Dollar theaters were venues where people could see movies for just a few bucks in their "second run," after their initial buzz petered out and first-run theaters kicked...

  • Girl Picture

    The history of women directing teen sex comedies is longer and more robust than one might initially think. There’s Amy Heckerling’s foundational “Fast Times At Ridgemont High,”...

  • The Princess

    Over footage of Princess Diana visiting India, a commentator remarks, “When you put a modern person in an ancient institution, they will be destroyed.” This statement, which appears...

  • Fall

    Scott Mann’s “Fall” belongs to the trapped horror subgenre of films like “The Shallows” and “Open Water,” but it takes a dynamic that usually unfolds...

  • Secret Headquarters

    “Secret Headquarters” is as bland and forgettable as its title would suggest. It’s so generic, it almost sounds like the name of a better movie translated awkwardly from...

  • Inu-oh

    It takes a while, but eventually the Japanese animated fantasy “Inu-Oh” becomes a by-the-numbers tragedy about two unsung performers. That’s frustrating given the fundamental disconnect between the movie’s...

  • Let the Little Light Shine

    “I feel like people are puzzles. A piece of my puzzle is missing.” This is one of countless eloquent observations made by the young people unforgettably featured in...

  • Free Chol Soo Lee

    “Free Chol Soo Lee,” the new documentary by Julie Ha and Eugene Yi, tells the tragic story of an immigrant wrongfully convicted of murder in San...

  • We Are Living Things

    With her head resting on a cushion—eyes open and neck exposed—a Chinese woman named Chuyao (Xingchen Lyu) waits for a tattoo artist to implant a tracking device inside...

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